Cargo Logistics Canada’s Priority Shippers and Freight Forwarders/3PLs are responsible for complex supply chains that run the gamut, from origin to destination and all points in between. Many of our attendees either utilize multiple modes of freight transport, or use certain modes with more frequency.

The Multimodal Summit at CLC offers more depth and breadth of the conference content to the air, ocean, surface transport, and warehousing/distribution sectors. Whether you book ocean shipping, truckloads, intermodal rail, airfreight, or utilize warehousing/distribution, CLC 2019, North America’s Multimodal Supply Chain Expo, will seek to help better connect these crucial logistical dots for the wide range of supply chain professionals who attend the show.

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Wednesday, February 6 • 7:45am–8:30am • Early Bird $55 / Regular $65 • VCC Level 2 Rm 211

W01 – Where is Canada’s Silk Road? Economic & Trade Outlook

[Multimodal Summit]

Canada doesn’t actually have a Silk Road initiative like China’s massive $1 trillion One Belt One Road (OBOR) plan that is resurrecting the historic Silk Road concept in full force, but looking through that lens, CLC19 kicks off the “Where is Canada’s Silk Road? theme with a high level economic analysis of trade and policy by two speakers who will place both Canada, and North America into this context.


Christian Siviere, President, Solimpex and Economist
Mike Holden, Chief Economist, Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters

Christian Siviere

Mike Holden

Wednesday, February 6 • 8:30am–9:45am • Early Bird $55 / Regular $65 • VCC Level 2 Rm 212-214

W02 – Lloyds List Presents - Global Liner Outlook

[Multimodal Summit]

Chances are high that your supply chain is impacted by the ocean shipping trades in one way or another. Gain keen insight into what is coming in 2019 and beyond with the Global Liner Outlook presented by CLC’s sister media company/partner Lloyds List, and expert analysis from Lloyds’ editorial staff and other shipping industry experts. Questions and discussions to be posed will include: IMO2020: who is going to pay? Will carriers be able to pass on increased cost of fuel to shippers? With high rates on the trans-Pacific this past peak season, carriers appear to have the upper hand, but for how long? Wither the fluid state of the tariff trade war and the forecast of a slowdown in early 2019, possibly giving shippers more power in negotiations in the lead up to the contracting season? Does liner consolidation have some room to run yet even though the candidate list is getting smaller? Meanwhile, how much longer might overcapacity remain a problem for carriers, despite disciplined tonnage withdrawal over the peak season? You won’t want to miss this informative panel on the current, and future state of ocean shipping.

Session Chair:

James Baker, Managing Editor, Lloyds List


Paul Bingham, Director, Hackett Associates, Global Port Tracker
Bill Payne, Principal, William Payne Advisors (& former Vice Chairman of NYK North America)

James Baker

Paul Bingham

Bill Payne

Bill Payne

Wednesday, February 6 • 8:30am–9:45am • Early Bird $55 / Regular $65 • VCC Level 2 Rm 217

W03 - Where is the PNW’s Silk Road? Building transparent, digital supply chains

[Multimodal Summit]

In keeping with CLC19’s Silk Road theme, is a perspective from just over the border from the Northwest Seaport Alliance, composed of the ports of Seattle and Tacoma, and a few key stakeholders from their eco system, talking about efforts there regarding trade-enabling infrastructure and the development of transparent, digital supply chains with the help of a Port Community platform that seeks to improve communication and forecasting, among other key opportunities, through enhanced technology; plus viewpoints on emerging industry trends that are influencing the NWSA’s direction.."


Jeff Brubach, Business Development Manager, Northwest Seaport Alliance


John Wolfe: Chief Executive Officer, Northwest Seaport Alliance
Rajan Raniga: Ocean Freight Manager, Natu’oil Services Inc.
Eli Bohm, General Manager, SSA Terminal 18

Jeff Brubach

John Wolfe

Rajan Raninga

Eli Bohm

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Wednesday, February 6 • 10:30am–11:15am • Early Bird $55 / Regular $65 • Showfloor Main Stage #1  

W07 – What the Data is Telling us About the Freight Market: A Data-Driven Market Discussion

[Multimodal Summit]

Through a unique CNBC-style Q&A format, a power-packed panel of industry experts will dig deep into a data-driven discussion around current drivers, trends and impacts in the freight and logistics market. This session will also provide visibility into comprehensive macro- and micro-level economic data and market drivers that are shaping the freight market. Data and market analysis insights will be shared via the SONAR market dashboard – a platform that aggregates, charts and maps 150+ disparate freight market data sources, crafting a unique picture of the freight supply and demand balance in each market. This session will deliver powerful, data-driven analysis and insights that will help you understand what’s impacting the freight ecosystem today, and what trends are shaping for future outcomes.


George Abernathy, Chief Revenue Officer, Freightwaves


Dean Croke, Chief Insight Officer, FreightWaves
Craig Fuller, CEO, Freightwaves
John Kingston, Oil & Energy Markets Expert, Freightwaves

George Abernathy

Dean Croke

Craig Fuller

John Kingston

Wednesday, February 6 • 10:30am–11:15am • Early Bird $55 / Regular $65 • Showfloor Main Stage #2  

W08 – Where is Canada’s Silk Road? Deciphering the Enigma that is U.S. Trade Policy

[Multimodal Summit]

For a lot of international traders in Canada and the United States, it’s been life in the trenches in recent months as new salvos seem to get fired in the trade war every day, and the shells often explode right in the middle of importers’ and exporters’ supply chains – or markets. This in-depth presentation by the partners of a respected international trade-focused law firm will include focuses on: Section 232 Tariffs on steel and aluminum products (and possibly automobiles; Section 301 retaliatory tariffs against China; and what to do to defend your company.


Maria E. Celis, Esq
John Peterson, Neville Peterson LLP

Maria E. Celis

John Peterson

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Thursday, February 7 • 8:30am–9:45am • Early Bird $55 / Regular $65 • VCC Level 2 Rm 211

T01 – Connect the Dots: How to Build a Robust Multimodal Supply Chain

[Multimodal Summit]

Discover solutions to reach farther with your supply chain and build your business. This session highlights Canadian shippers and the ways they maximize their supply chains, use innovative transportation services and export to new markets.

• Build your supply chain
• Discover best practices
• Learn easy solutions.


Keith Reardon, Senior Vice-President Consumer Product Supply Chain Growth, CN


Leroy Reitsma, President and COO, Pinnacle Renewable Energy Inc.
Charles Raymond, Chief Executive Officer, Ray-mont Logistics
Shaun Stevenson, President and Chief Executive Officer at Port of Prince Rupert

Keith Reardon

Leroy Reitsma

Charles Raymond

Shaun Stevenson

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Thursday, February 7 • 8:30am–9:45am • Early Bird $55 / Regular $65 • VCC Level 2 Rm 219

T02 – CILTNA Presents: What it takes to be Big Ship Ready

[Multimodal Summit]

A panel discussion amongst pertinent supply chain stakeholders on the challenges that ports face with larger vessels and the intermodal pieces required to adapt. Challenges include lack of innovative technology, inadequate infrastructure, and needs for improved coordination.

Session Chair:

Robert Lewis-Manning, President, Chamber of Shipping of BC


Tabare Dominguez, Commercial Director, DP World
Tony Boemi, Vice President, Growth & Development, Port Montreal
Jordan Kajfasz, Assistant Vice President of International Intermodal and Automotive.
Jude Correa, Vice-President, Risk & Insurance, Seaspan Ship Management Ltd.

Robert Lewis-Manning

Tabare Dominguez

Tony Boemi

Jordan Kajfasz

Jude Correa

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Thursday, February 7 • 8:30am–9:45am • Early Bird $55 / Regular $65 • VCC Level 2 Rm 216

T03 – Where is Canada’s Silk Road? Calgary's Holistic Approach to Sustainable Logistics

[Multimodal Summit]

Calgary is home to many transportation and logistics carriers and facilities that help ensure the quick and efficient flow of goods. Major railways, interprovincial and cross-border highways and a large international airport distribute products to and from businesses in and around Calgary and all over the world. In recent years, Calgary has evolved into one of Western Canada’s leading multimodal goods movement hubs. Today, jobs in transportation, logistics and warehousing make up 10 percent of the Calgary region’s jobs and directly or indirectly impact a much larger portion of the region’s gross domestic product. The recent additions of a 600,000-square foot Amazon Fulfillment Centre and Canadian Tire’s plans to create a distribution campus are evidence of the growing footprint of warehousing and logistics in the Calgary region. To ensure that these and other economic sectors can continue to grow and to maintain the wellbeing of Calgary’s residents. Join us for a discussion on how the elements of transportation planning, prioritization of infrastructure investment, economic development, municipal development projects and approvals coordination have come together to help meet Calgary’s aspirations to be Western Canada’s key multimodal distribution hub.


Madhuri Seera, Transportation Planning & Project Manager, Goods Movement Strategy, City of Calgary
Karla Spiltsted, Market Strategist, City of Calgary, Real Estate and Land Services
Patti Dunlop, Business and Sector Development Manager, Transportation, Supply Chain and Aerospace, Calgary Economic Development

Madhuri Seera

Karla Spilsted

Patti Dunlop


Thursday, February 7 • 8:30am–9:45am • Early Bird $55 / Regular $65 • VCC Level 2 Rm 217

T04 – Where is Canada’s Green Road? Cannabis Logistics

[Multimodal Summit]

Engaging, and timely, panel discussion over how cannabis has been legalized in Canada and hence has become a commodity in the supply chain, but what does, and can it all mean for cannabis shippers and logistics providers moving forward on Canada’s newly minted Green Road?

Session Chair:

 John Tenpenny, Editor, Canadian Shipper


Ryan Yablonsky, International Logistics Lead, Canopy Growth.
Giovanni Di Girolamo, Vice President Business Development. Blueprint-Global.

John Tenpenny

Ryan Yablonsky

Giovanni Di Girolamo

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