Technological advances, and disruptions, are altering the freight transport and logistical landscape, as supply chain decision-makers are both utilizing, and being impacted, by tech innovations that, in large part, are being driven by the evolving needs of the end-user – the customer/consumer.

The Cargo Tech Summit at CLC will bring multimodal stakeholders, and innovators, together to discuss, learn, and in some cases, experience, the immense Cargo Tech sea change hitting the industry.

Wednesday, February 6 • 8:30am–10:00am • Early Bird $55 / Regular $65 • VCC Level 2 Rm 211

W05 – The E-Commerce Effect: Distribution Logistics in the Age of E-Commerce

[Cargo Tech Summit]

The perfect launch of CLC19’s The E-Commerce Effect theme. Distribution warehousing is one of the fastest growing sectors in the supply chain due largely to the booming e-commerce market (the so-called “Amazon Effect”). This panel will explore the opportunities and challenges for logistics providers and their customers due to this phenomenon, which is driving the need for increased / enhanced warehousing, especially large-scale fulfillment and distribution centers, while warehousing also continues to fulfill the needs of brick and mortar retail, food service, and manufacturing.

Session Chair:

Chris Steele, Vice President – Advisory, Conway.


Brian Best, Director, Warehousing & Distribution, London Drugs
Kyri Fabios, Managing Director, Fedex Trade Networks
Colby Tanner, Assistant Vice President of Economic Development, BNSF Railway
Lance Trumble, Managing Director, Tribal Partners
Stuart Morrison, Executive Vice President, Colliers

Chris Steele

Brian Best

Kyri Fabios

Colby Tanner

Lance Trumble

Stuart Morrison

Wednesday, February 6 • 10:30am–11:15am • FREE • Tech Hub/Tech LIVE!

W09 – Tech LIVE! How Tai Teknowlogi Will Help You Proactively Identify and Eliminate Business Constraints

[Cargo Tech Summit]


Spencer Askew, Founder & CEO, Teknowlogi

Spencer Askew

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Wednesday, February 6 • 11:30am–12:15pm • Early Bird $55 / Regular $65 • Main Stage #1  

W10 – Who Are the Blocks in the Chain? Part I

[Cargo Tech Summit]

The first of two-parts focused on who the key stakeholders are, or can be, in the blockchain as it pertains to the logistical supply chain, and the respective parts they play in Blockchain’s exchanges of information, contracts, tracking and financial data, amongst other potential solutions.


Vasanth Srinivasan, Vice President, Blockchain & Enterprise Architecture, Trimble Transportation

Vasanth Srinivasan

Wednesday, February 6 • 11:30am–12:15pm • FREE • Tech Hub/Tech LIVE!

W12 – The Western Group - Ocean and Inland Terminals in BC- Tech LIVE!

[Cargo Tech Summit]


An overview of the services offered by British Columbia’s largest, most diversified stevedoring and terminal operating company. Western handles millions of tonnes of bulk and break-bulk cargo in B.C.



Miles Hollingbury, Director of Marketing and Business Development, Western Stevedoring

Miles Hollingbury

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Wednesday, February 6 • 12:45pm–2:00pm • Early Bird $95 / Regular $135 • VCC Level 2 Rm 211-214  

W13 – Keynote Luncheon: Cargo Tech Leaders Roundtable - The E-Commerce Effect

[Cargo Tech Summit]

Is Technology becoming the tail that is wagging the dog for global supply chains, and what applications are more immediately relevant than others, as shippers and their providers attempt to sort out what they should adopt sooner than later versus longer term solutions? A group of industry leaders discuss these topics in CLC’s popular roundtable keynote format.


John Kingston, Executive Editor, Freightwaves


Spencer Askew, Founder and CEO, Teknowlogi
Devlin Fenton, CEO, Go99 & President, DLB Cranes, Ltd.,
Dean Croke, Chief Insight Officer, FreightWaves/BiTA (Blockchain in Transportation Alliance)
Scott Shannon, Vice President, North America Surface Transportation, CH Robinson

John Kingston

Devlin Fenton

Spencer Askew

Dean Croke

Scott Shannon

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Wednesday, February 6 • 2:30pm–3:15pm • Early Bird $55 / Regular $65 • Showfloor Main Stage # 1  

W14 – How 3PLs and Carriers can stay in the ‘I want it and I want it now’ delivery game

[Cargo Tech Summit]

The Internet has given rise to the promise of immediacy that e-commerce offers: people want their stuff delivered as soon as their finger hits the “checkout” button. How can agile 3PL providers and carriers with limited resources or on a restrictive schedule provide timely service and participate in this new economy at a competitive cost? The demand for, and delivery of, bite-sized individual shipments has created opportunities in the Canadian logistics industry for all sizes of nimble carriers to compete. This session investigates how route optimization technology can help 3PL providers and carriers become more competitive with minimal process changes and how freight matching service providers can offer opportunities to run more optimal loads. The result is increased value and efficiency to 3PL providers, carriers and freight matching services along with greater reliability and transparency to shippers and consignees.


Arif Rafiq, Industry Manager, Transportation, Esri Canada.

Arif Rafiq

Wednesday, February 6 • 2:30pm–3:15pm •Early Bird $55 / Regular $65 • Showfloor Main Stage #2  

W15 – Case Study: How can TMS provide supply chain visibility?

[Cargo Tech Summit]

In this informative case study, the focus will be on how Toronto-based Celestica, a global electronics manufacturer, developed a 4PL business for manufacturers and how TMS (Transportation Management System) has factored into this shipper/logistics provider’s quest to optimally manage complex shipping challenges in order to help reduce costs, while gaining better visibility into freight in transit and supplier inventory.


Karen Sage, Chief Marketing Officer, MercuryGate International Inc
Ryan Bloor, Director, Logistics Services, Celestica

Karen Sage

Ryan Bloor

Wednesday, February 6 • 2:30pm–3:15pm •FREE • Tech Hub / Tech LIVE! 

W16 – Tech LIVE! Rocking Inbound Email Management: maximizing productivity and efficiency for the logistics industry

[Cargo Tech Summit]

Efficient and timely response to emails is vital to stay ahead in a competitive marketplace. Learn how Emailtopia has helped businesses in transportation, logistics and beyond to gain business advantage by automating and streamlining their team email workflow.


Doug Long, Director of marketing, Emailtopia

Doug Long

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Thursday, February 7 • 10:30am–11:15am • Early Bird $55 / Regular $65 • Showfloor Main Stage #2  

T08 – The E-Commerce Effect: Who are the Blocks in the Chain Part II

[Cargo Tech Summit]

The second of two-parts focused on who the key stakeholders are, or can be, in the blockchain as it pertains to the logistical supply chain, and the respective parts they play in Blockchain’s exchanges of information, contracts, tracking and financial data, amongst other potential solutions.


Alison Clafin, Director of Network Development, Maersk TradeLens

Alison Clafin

Thursday, February 7 • 10:30am–11:15am • FREE • Tradeshow Floor, Main Stage • Tech LIVE! 

T09 – Tech LIVE! Digital Transformation Opportunities in Cargo Logistics

[Cargo Tech Summit]

Time is cargo logistics biggest commodity as a vast amount of resources are wasted due to inefficient, error-prone manual processes and antiquated tools like email. The cost of moving and keeping track of a container often equals the cost of physically moving it around the world. In this session, you'll learn how leaders in the shipping industry, such as Seaspan, Glencore and NORDEN are driving change and saving thousands of hours by adopting the latest in transaction management software to digitally transform their businesses. The results are helping organizations reduce email volume by as much as 95%, save hours of administrative time and increase team collaboration.


Jeff Schaeffler, Marketing Director, SEDNA

Jeff Schaeffler

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